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grants to build senior citizen housing

little head started this conversation

 Hello, I am a Not For Profit Charity.

I live in South Carolina. I am trying to find Grants not (Loans) to build low income housing for Senior Citizens in the town I live in. I must say it is like pulling teeth to get help to do this. I have a Grant Writer and I like her but, she works very slowly. It was hard to find a Grant Writer in the first place.  Does anyone out there know of any specific Foundations or Agencies that could help me in any way ?  The apartment building will have 74 units some with two bedroom but mostly one bedroom. The IRS has already given me my 501c 3 status and I am ready to move forward but, I need funding.




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go cooperative I have lots of ideas
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designmission   in reply to Roseb441702
Hi Roseb441702, I am an interior designer in California and I am interested in obtaining a grant writer to also apply for help building a Senior Housing project. I am willing to do would consider doing all the footwork. I can am willing to draw the construction plans. I am thinking about obtaining a historical property owned by the city to create this housing unit. Please contact me.
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Eagle-Rock   in reply to SVillageNC
To all of you, our organization has already built 3 buildings, in the past, using HUD 202 Funding Grants. These have now all but dried up. We are working on a fourth building and have started to look into "Tax Credits", thru the state of Connecticut. Most states have an agency in their state - Multifamily Housing Underwriting - Housing Finance Authority. You will need the services of a "Tax Credit Consultant.
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MANGEB   in reply to Lil Pete
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Lil Pete
Little pets is tryin to do same thing here in ga good luck
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Server1st   in reply to 2180
Have you found a grant writer yet??
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I am in Missouri and i am looking to become a Non for profit Organization.. I want to help seniors with housing, there is such a need for this for alot of them are losing homes. I do know the Government has programs and property they will allot for such doings...but how hard is the paperwork for becoming a non for profit organization
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problemsolver   in reply to Payla
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SVillageNC   in reply to Roseb441702

We are interested in learning more about your grant-writing services. We own 24 acres in North Carolina and have approval to build 150 dwellings. We have built the horizontal infrastructure for 30 units as phase one of our project and have the water allocations for the entire community. We are ready to start building but need help with funding. You can get information about our project at

We look forward to hearing from you.
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I am in the same boat here in Vermont. Check with your states Community Development Program. If you have one you will have to go through your local town municipality to apply. Aslo, try your states Housing and Conservation Board. I am looking for funding as well.....3 yrs now and nothing moving forward yet....lots of red tape....good luck

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vetetranscare   in reply to Roseb441702
Roseb441702 My name is Patrick Richardson and I,m just finding this post I have been looking for grants to start my building project for low incom/senior housing I have l;and located in Temple Tx. and I can do what I want with them as far as housing is concerned. I am a 100% disabled veteran and I hace served my country now I would like to serve my community. If you can help me get started I would apperciate any help you can give me. My email address is:
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Hello, I own 4.9 acres of land  and I wish to build apartments for seniors citizens;This county (Lee) IS ONE OF THE FASTING GROWNING BEDROOM COUNTY IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA ! There are many schools ,children and apartments to meet the need of families,but THERE IS A DIRE NEED OF APARTMENTS , for seniors Only.These apartments will be a gated community and the seniors will be able to use the local senior citizen center , medical center and other services as needed .I am looking for a" GRANT NOT A LOAN" TO FUND THIS PROJECT, please help! -- -Thank you,

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See the problem that I have with your post is that you want grant money/monies to start building everything from scratch. Do you have a building / site in mind or do you want to build one from the beginning?

Basically myself as a grantwriter I would ask you to tell your grantwriter to check her database of information - something which grantwriters have that they keep for their records.
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 in response to 2180...   Have you had a chance to look for grantwriters in your area. Have you searched online, looked in your local yellow pages or asked around?
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 in response to Roseb441702...   please let me who can help me if you can help How much ill it cost

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 in response to 2180...   Grantwriters, just like other professionals can be even found in the phonebook but you also have the added advantage of being online so that you can search for them online as well.

Being a grantwriter myself I am usually the first person that I recommend but I do have contact with and have a contact list of other grantwriters as well.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   hello

Rose can you find me a grantwriter who can help in senior housing project

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Did you finish the building for seniors?

I am very interested in knowing how things are going!



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I am also looking for grants for low income housing for seniors through our ministry. If anyone have any information would appreciate. This would be in Missouri.


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