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grants to build senior citizen housing

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See the problem that I have with your post is that you want grant money/monies to start building everything from scratch. Do you have a building / site in mind or do you want to build one from the beginning?

Basically myself as a grantwriter I would ask you to tell your grantwriter to check her database of information - something which grantwriters have that they keep for their records.
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 in response to 2180...   Have you had a chance to look for grantwriters in your area. Have you searched online, looked in your local yellow pages or asked around?
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 in response to Roseb441702...   please let me who can help me if you can help How much ill it cost

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 in response to 2180...   Grantwriters, just like other professionals can be even found in the phonebook but you also have the added advantage of being online so that you can search for them online as well.

Being a grantwriter myself I am usually the first person that I recommend but I do have contact with and have a contact list of other grantwriters as well.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   hello

Rose can you find me a grantwriter who can help in senior housing project

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Did you finish the building for seniors?

I am very interested in knowing how things are going!



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I am also looking for grants for low income housing for seniors through our ministry. If anyone have any information would appreciate. This would be in Missouri.


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Did you find a grant for the Senior Living Apartments? If so, I would like to have some information or links to where I can find the same thing. Thanks, 

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I found out today I am getting laid off, I am a single, 61 year old LPN, I just bought a home in a small town to ready myself for retirement within the next few years, jobs are hard to find here.

Health Ins will be an issue for sure.

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I am new to this wonderful site.  It has already helpedme. I want to do the same but prefer grants as well.I want to buildloe income housing for grandparent raising grandchilren.

Have you been successful with the site reccommended?



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Have you thought of the alternative of using properties that have already been built? As a non-profit you should know that the government has a program where non-profits can get government-owned property at a low or reduced cost. Building the kind of property that you are talking about will involve a lot of money. As a grantwriter I'm not saying that it can't be done but you should also look at all the other options that you have available to you as an offial non-profit organization.
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Elaine of TSA

This might be a good place to look. Blessings and Best of luck with a worthy mission. ndopp/fundopp.asp

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